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This is a video review of BudgetGadgets' 50mW Handheld CR2 Laser Pointer. The beam of this laser is blindingly bright, and at the price of only $30, you won't find better! The laser is built very solidly and has a great feel to it. It's not an easy thing to break. A nice feature is the "clicky" button on the bottom that makes extended use a lot easier.

This laser is by far the best one I've owned so far. While the beam may appear dim in the video, I can assure you it is not that way in real life. I filmed this using an 8 year old Hi8 camera, and it's lens isn't sensitive enough to get a good picture of the beam.

UPDATE: I charged the batteries last night and re-tried the burning rubber/pooping balloon tricks. It made a HUGE difference. With a fully charged battery, the laser was able to pop the balloon from 5ft away in just over 1 second, and could burn through the rubber faster from 3 inches away. The text review contains more detailed information about these qualities measured with fully-charged batteries.

You can find several more high quality shots of the beam, as well as much more information about this laser in my text review.

Sorry for any stuttering, I did everything in one take.

I will try my best to answer all questions about this laser left in the comments!

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