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In this video I review the BudgetGadgets 50mW laser they sell on their website: For $30, this thing is a steal. Nice, solid construction that feels good in the hand plus a blindingly bright beam for $30 is the best deal you will find on a laser like this.

For batteries, you can get rechargeables here:
and disposables here:
Or you can just get them on the page with the laser.

I've got a lot of questions about the streetlight trick, so I'll answer most of them. The laser does not break the light. There is a sensor that is usually at the top of the light that tells the light if it is day or not. If there is light going into the sensor, the light turns off because it thinks it is day. If there is no light in the sensor, the light turns on. When I pointed the laser into the sensor, it tricked the light into thinking it was day. The light comes back on after a couple minutes.

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