Hey Guys! Today I will be reviewing the Budget Gadgets iPod / iPhone FM Transmitter. This is a rather small device and works great. And it's just over $8. A special thanks to Budget Gadgets for sending me this!


High fidelity and full frequency, stereo, digital PLL
LCD display with blue background lighting
200 selectable channels(88.1MHz-107.9MHz, 0.1MHz/step)
Multi-memorial channels, individual design to meet different requirements
Small electric current, no need extra power supply
Charge through the device by charger for iPhone 2G/3G only
Suitable for iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Classic, iPod Nano
Operating Instruction:
Connect FM transmitter to iPod/iPhone
Press on +/- button(FM transmitter) to your desired frequency, then adjust your tune radio to the same frequency.
Plug car charger to FM transmitter, then it can charge your iPhone/iPod and transmitter at the same time.

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Thanks to the Bella For Sending This Out For Review

Product Reviewed : Leather Protective Case Cover at Two Stand Angles for Apple iPad 2

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macbook skin cover,
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I come up with the question and then searched "can I play piano online".
The internet is strong, really have this kind of website.
It makes me believe more in Everything may be possible.

Here is the music link:
There are many choices, piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, strings, guitar, steel drums, double bass.

I'm sorry I'm not good at playing piano, just show you guys the website.
Go to make your own music, and maybe use your music as your own background music of your videos, that will be interesting, why not using our own music instead of other's?
Check the instructions then play the music online;)

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By the way, just recognized we can use the camtasia audio option of volume up .
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Review zu zwei cases von Budgetgadgets.

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Here is the review of the flexible keyboard that I got from budgetgadgets! I love this keyboard!
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flexible keyboard:


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