written post about comparing the 4 and 4s with a case with photos :

I was googling the question "is mute switch off iphone 4s is slightly down from iphone 4". And just found a nice thread in a forum talking about the difference between iphone 4 and iphone 4s. Guess some of you may want to check it out. So, will link it below.

Many people are wondering whether iphone 4 and 4s is the same size, or whether an old iphone 4 case or bumper will also fit the new 4s.
The main difference in appearance can be the mute button moved slightly lower in the 4s version.

thoughts of Khaled from yahoo:

" appearance and size are the same
only mute switch in iphone 4s is slightly down (4mm down)
most of the cases can be used unless there is a separate openings for both volume buttons and mute switch (same as in the iphone bumper "

So here is the link to the forum

Khaled's page, http://answers.yahoo.com/activity?show=rr2n1hViaa
source, http://goo.gl/d9P7H

Maybe tell us your thoughts about the difference between iphone 4 and 4s.

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what's the difference between iphone 4 and 4s?
will an old iphone 4 bumper also fit new iphone 4s?
how to inable a case both fit iphone 4 and 4s?
will iphone 4 case also fit 4s?
is mute switch off iphone 4s is slightly down from iphone 4
seems mute switch of iphone 4s is 4mm lower than iPhone 4
I have a casemate i4 pop case that I really like and I'm hoping it'll fit my future 4S.
The only difference is the mute switch.
The volume buttons are exactly the same.