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I come up with the question and then searched "can I play piano online".
The internet is strong, really have this kind of website.
It makes me believe more in Everything may be possible.

Here is the music link:
There are many choices, piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, strings, guitar, steel drums, double bass.

I'm sorry I'm not good at playing piano, just show you guys the website.
Go to make your own music, and maybe use your music as your own background music of your videos, that will be interesting, why not using our own music instead of other's?
Check the instructions then play the music online;)

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Thanks for watching;)
Happy everyday you guys^_^

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Classic Controller for Nintendo Wii Game Cube NGC Game 

100% brand new
Dual analog sticks
8 way digital D-pad
Turbo function
Allow seamless control when playing the titles on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console
Use the control pad along with the A and B buttons for a familiar experience when playing Nintendo Entertainment System games
Stylish controller is comfortable to hold,even during extended gaming sessions
The controls you're familiar with in your favorite classic games,all on one controller
Directly plugs into the Wii console
Length of Cable:170cm (64inch)
Compatible with Wii/GameCube
Package Including:

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This is a Wii Classic Controller look-alike for the Gamecube. It works for anything that allows gamecube controllers (Virtual Console, Wii games, Gamecube Games, etc).
Good value for it's relatively cheap price.