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How to do giveaway on youtube?

Talk about what you what to giveaway in a video.
Then the main part is how to choose the winner.
Create the entry list easily with IGM giveaway machine without duplicate entries , and then choose the winner with
Automaticlly create an entry list of the giveaway here:
choose the winner randomly here:
list randomizer:
Random Number Generator just go to the homepage is ok :)

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By the way, just recognized we can use the camtasia audio option of volume up .
first video that you can here clearly :)

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Link to charger:

Instructions to enter for the giveaway is at the end of the video.
Good luck to everyone who is entering.

And this is an international giveaway.


DeepEnd adds an amazing 3D effect to your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4g springboard. Note that it will only work on the 4th gen devices as the gyroscope is used to create this amazing effect.


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white iphone 4 dummy,
This giveaway will last 10 days.
Today is Feb 11th, will update the winner video on Feb 21st.

And will use randomize website to choose the winner.
Please enter!! Good luck :)

How to enter the giveaway?

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2 comment below.
comment something like "entering, wanna the dummy"
reason like "for case review, for collection, for fun, prank my friends, or anything"

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