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This video is about how to embed a stupeflix video in your blog or website.

First, a quick explaination of, Stupeflix is a free software, a platform where you can easily create a video with your Mix photos, video, music, create stunning videos in seconds. Well, only videos within one minute is free though.
Here we just talk about how to embed a stupeflix video on a website, like blogger, weebly, or

First, go to a video in your stupeflix account.
Second, on the right corner, find the share feature.
Click the drop down menu, then click the last one "embed" , now it will display the html code. And, if you choose "Autoplay the embedded video", the code will change a little to meet the autoplay function too. Copy the html code.

Now, go to your blog.
Click "new post", in the body text place, change the model as "edit html".
Now, paste the html code here, between "div and /div" .
Ok, now, all is done.
Click "preview", you will see the effect of the html code video.
The last thing, "publish post" .

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Thanks for watching and best wishes ^_^