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Hey everyone, today I'm going to be giving a quick review of the Easy Cap. I'm going to be taking into account the quality, price and setup process.

In my opinion, the EasyCap is good for its value. From my experience I experienced a few problems when using and setting up the device, but I've seen brilliant quality from an EasyCap so you just need to work with the settings.


What you're going to need:
- EasyCap (
- 3 Female - Female Y Splitters (
- 2 Sets of RCA Cables (

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BudgetGadgets did not sponsor this video, they did however send out the EasyCap and Connectors for free for reviewing purposes, so big thanks to them. You can get 5% off all purchases at if you use the Coupon Code ' 4TechyTutorials' when checking out.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set it up.

Remember, you need everything in this list to continue:
- EasyCap
- TV
- PS3
- Computer/Laptop
- 3 Female-Female Y splitters
- 2 sets of RCA cables
When you start this, your PS3 should be turned on, and your scart leads (for your PS3) should be plugged into the TV, this will give you a clear image on your TV.

1)Remove the PS3's scart leads from the TV
2)Put a Y splitter on each scart lead, using the side with only one slot (on the splitter) You should have 1 splitter for the white lead, 1 for the red lead, and 1 for the yellow lead.
3)Take one of your RCA cables and put the colours into the other end of the Y splitter (either slot) the colours should be identical to the PS3 colours, so your white PS3 lead should be in the same splitter as you white RCA lead.
4)Plug the RCA cables (the ones you just put in the splitter) into the scart slots in the TV, this will put the PS3 picture back onto the TV if done right.
5)Take your second set of RCA cables. Plug them into the remaining Y splitter slots, again, in the corresponding colours to the PS3.
6)Plug the second set of RCA cables into the capture card, with corresponding colours.

The setup should now be complete, if you are stuck, please retrace your steps and read through again, if you can't figure it out, please post and I'll help out.

PROBLEMS: (What the problem is, and how to solve it)

Q: The videos are coming out in black & white.
A: This could be down to the format type you're running on, you may be running the software on NTSC which is the US format, the EU format is PAL.

Q: My videos are disturbed by loud distorted noises, even when no sound is being produced.
A: This problem is down to a driver for the sound software, unfortunately, if you are running on Windows XP or 7, there is no known fix.

Q: I am experiencing odd waves going across my screen when I watch my videos back.
A: Try changing capture types, you might be recording the video in an AVI format, which makes it wavy, try switching it to DVD or MPEG format.

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