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Today ill be showing some mw2 gameplay on using my EasyCap Dc60 capture card usb 2.0 very much like the dazzle capture card!! The best quality!! almost HD
That i got from for a low price with free shipping
To find out more on how set up the easycap capture card dc60, click here:
Everything you need to get started click here:
Also some gameplay of MW2 on the ps3 with the EasyCap Dc60 usb 2.0 capture card And tell if its worth it.
The game is Modern warfare 2 Great game showing the quality for the ps3 !!

- Capture format: AVI MP4 MGEG DVD (custom profile)
- Video Standard: NTSC
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)
- Capture resolution: 720 x 480
- Constant Bitrate: 8000kbps
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