Analog Joystick:

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Get a better feel for the game with a joystick that attaches directly to your iPad!

This is a joystick for iPad 2 or iPad. It gives you controls you can touch for any game that has an on-screen joystick. Once you start gaming with this joystick, you'll never go back.

This is the joystick you've always wanted

* Auto-centering for max control over your game.
* Unique transparent design provides an unrestricted view of all the incoming action.
* Quick and easy suction cup attachment.
* Includes a microfiber bag for on-the-go storage.
* Manufactured from an incredibly tough, yet flexible engineering-grade resin, the joystick will stand-up to energetic gamers of all ages.
* iPad gaming is all about precision maneuvering, and this joystick gives you this crucial advantage. As you control a game with this joystick, it pushes gently back towards the center position. This haptic feedback guides and stabilizes your gameplay, making every action more accurate.

Package Includes:
1x iPad Analog Joypad Joystick
1x Microfiber bag

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